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Project Bike 3d Configurator created so that you can build your existing or future bike with modern technology and 3D graphics. Bike customization has never been so quick and easy, change components, experiment with colors, see how suspension works, show your friends, create the bike of your dream. In the future, we see the project as a online shop or service with which you can easily build and then purchase your bike. Also plans to add other types of bikes, more hardtail, dirt, dh, cross country bikes, road and city bikes.

We make option to paint the components that might be painted by custom colors: bike frames, wheel hubs, spokes, hydrolines, rims, grips, pedals, stems, handlebars. For such components as: bike forks, tyres, headsets, brakes, saddles, chain guides, brake rotors, shocks, derailleurs, cassettes, we leave only those colors that provided by the manufacturer. If you want to see your bike in our configurator, please vote on the project page for a new frame or fork you’d like to see in the future updates.

The project is free for everyone, however it’s future depends directly on your help. So please share an app and your own design with your friends, this is the best contribution you can make for this project. Another way to help us is to leave your feedback on GooglePlay and Apple AppStore.

Bike 3d Configurator is available in a web browser with Unity3d Web Player, Android and IOS devices, see links below.


- Change components

- Change colors, frame size, fork travel, wheel size

- Demonstration of fork and frame suspension travel, with actual dimensions

- Save your designs and share them with your friends in social networks</br></br></br></br>

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